With new technology, air conditioners can operate more quietly than ever—but it’s still unlikely that your unit will ever be completely silent while it’s running. That said, if your air conditioner is extremely loud while it’s performing, there could be a problem at hand!

Depending on the sound that you are hearing, your air conditioner could be experiencing a variety of issues, varying in severity. But rest assured that the skilled technicians at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning will diagnose the issue and help you find a solution!

Sounds Your Air Conditioner Makes & What They Mean

Read on to learn more about what different sounds mean for your air conditioner and how you can get your unit running quietly once again.

If Your Air Conditioner Makes a Buzzing Sound

This is one of the most common sounds we hear people complain about when it comes to their air conditioning systems. If your AC is buzzing loudly enough to distract you and your family members, there’s a problem.

Usually, this problem can be traced back to a malfunctioning compressor, which is the part of your unit that pressurizes and cools down its refrigerant to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The buzzing could mean that the electricity following to your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is at the wrong amperage.

However, this buzzing noise could also indicate that your unit’s isolation feet are missing or damaged, which causes your compressor to become unbalanced and function incorrectly. Additionally, your unit could be buzzing because it’s experiencing a refrigerant leak, which can cause it to freeze up and perform poorly.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or if you’re still not sure how to determine the source of your air conditioner’s buzzing sound, contact the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioner repair service today.

Listen closely to figure out which of these sounds is the closest to the noises you are hearing from your air conditioning unit:

  • Rattling – This usually indicates that parts within your air conditioner have come loose. The louder the noise is that you’re hearing, the more severe the damage could be to your system.
  • Screaming – If your air conditioner sounds like a screaming woman or child, it’s demanding your attention because the compressor is probably failing. Depending on the severity of the issue, this problem could be too serious for repair and may require an air conditioner replacement.
  • Clicking – It’s normal to hear a “click” sound when your air conditioner turns on or off. However, if you’re hearing this noise repeatedly while your unit is running, it could indicate a malfunctioning relay.
  • Knocking – Also described as a “clanking” sound, if you hear banging or knocking from your unit, you’re probably facing an issue with the motor or the blower assembly.

If you’re hearing any of these noises, it’s time to call the Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning team!

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