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Water HeatersA water heater at the end of its life is an uncomfortable experience. When you start a shower with hot water, it quickly turns into a lukewarm experience.

Then later, the warm becomes icy cold, leaving you debating if you should shower at all. If this experience sounds all too familiar, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning can professionally install a new, efficient unit for you.

New Water Heater Options

You can pick a new water heater by fuel type and a multitude of other features. The quality you select will significantly affect your utility bills, so it’s a good idea to weigh the upfront investment with the costs over the unit’s lifetime.

  • Gas Fuel – This is the pricier upfront option. Rebates and reduced utility costs will usually offset this, making a cheaper long-term investment.
  • Electric Fuel – An electric water heater is going to have a lower upfront cost than a gas one. There is also less of a safety risk.
  • Tank – A water heater with a tank is the traditional option.

Why Choose Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

By calling us for your water heater services, you’re making the reliable choice that the St. Charles County community has made for over 40 years. You will be working with an experienced, licensed contractor who is just as concerned with getting your hot water back as you are—satisfaction guaranteed!

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