We Have the Answer—And 4 Solutions

It’s summertime and you’re watching your favorite TV show in your perfectly chilled family room. You make a quick trip to your bedroom and, as soon as you walk in, you think: ”Whoa! Why is it so hot in here?” Well, you aren’t alone. We get this question quite often from customers who experience unbalanced air in their homes. Sometimes, the problem requires AC repair in St. Charles County, MO. Other times, the solutions are easier. But, whatever you do, don’t panic. Help from Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning is on the way.

Before jumping to any conclusions regarding the cause of your cooling issues, there are a handful of homeowner tricks you can do yourself. If you’ve noticed hot and cold spots throughout your house—especially from room to room—try these five checks:

  • Be sure windows are shut and locked—so no air escapes.
  • Check for dirty air filters. Replace if need be.
  • Have your air ducts checked and cleaned by a professional.
  • Be sure vents in the warm room are fully open.
  • Close vents in unoccupied rooms—so cool air is redirected to other areas.

Still Noticing Hot and Cold Spots?

So, you’ve heeded our advice and tried our five cooling tips. If these don’t do the trick, something else could be affecting your system. Here are four possible problems, along with our solutions:

Problem: You have an improperly sized AC system.
Solution: Ever heard of an AC system that’s too small for your home? It happens. Unfortunately, AC systems are not one-size-fits-all. A system that is too small for your home will not cool your rooms properly. Call us to measure your space and help you choose the perfect replacement.

Problem: Your room gets too much direct sunlight.
Solution: If you have a room that gets a great deal of sun during the day, the room will heat up quicker than others. To cool things down, try installing UV blocking shades or blinds that reduce light inside.

Problem: Your thermostat is not placed in the proper area.
Solution: Your air conditioner runs until the area near the thermostat reaches your desired temperature. To ensure accurate readings, place your thermostat on an interior wall where your family spends the most time—like the family room. If you place it on a wall that heats up quicker than another area of the house, you’ll experience uneven temperatures.

Problem: Your home insulation is outdated.
Solution: If your insulation is outdated, it could be causing air to escape through your walls—leaving some rooms cooler or warmer than others. And since insulation is typical “out of sight and out of mind,” this can often be the culprit. Call a professional who can investigate further.

Remember, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning is only just a phone call away when you need central air repair in West County, MO, and beyond. Call us at (636) 442-9206 for all of your cooling and heating needs and see why the Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning difference is the real thing!

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