If your entire home’s temperature is controlled by one little box in your hallway, you may be frustrated with your inability to make every room in your house comfortable. In homes with a single thermostat setup, it is not unusual for there to be a 15-degree temperature difference between floors.

There is a solution to this problem. You can have a zoning system installed in your home which will give you greater control over the temperature in different areas. This is accomplished by installing dampers into your home’s ductwork. These dampers control the flow of air to various zones in by opening and closing, as needed. They are controlled by a control panel for each zone so that conditioned air only goes to the areas where it is needed.

The dampers Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning installs are powered by air from the control panel. This provides you with a reliable and long-lasting system because there are no wires to wear out or motors to break down. The dampers come in various shapes and sizes and will be chosen according to what fits your existing ductwork. Installation is quick, and you can enjoy the benefits immediately!

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