If you’re considering a new air conditioner installation in St. Charles, you may hear friends, family, or even some technicians mention R-22. But what even is R-22, and does it matter? Well, to answer the second half of that question right off the bat, yes, it does matter. Quite a bit.

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Okay, So What’s Important About R-22?

Well, we’ve discussed this topic briefly in a recent blog post (“Is Your AC Harming The Environment?”). You should check that out too, since we’ll be covering similar topics but from a few different angles.

R-22 is important because it was the eminent refrigerant in use by pretty much the entire world until recently. Recent studies and research done over the past two decades have revealed some unsettling information about R-22 as a chemical in regular use. It was found, in certain concentrations, to cause massive negative effects on the environment.

Turns out R-22 is a severe greenhouse gas and has been contributing to some fairly substantial ozone damage. Additionally, at higher concentrations, it is found to have an impact on human health.

Phaseouts And Progress

Because of the above information, you can imagine that pretty much everyone is making an effort to avoid the use of R-22 in the current day. Many homes still use it, but the product has been going through a phase-out since 2010. This means over the next ten, or twenty years, R-22 will pretty much fade into the background. Which is good!

And worry not, safer substitutes have been found and are currently being utilized. Various forms of R-4 (R-410 being the most common of which) are being used to replace R-22 in homes and businesses regularly. Replacing a system that uses R-22 with one that uses newer refrigerants will save you money!

In the coming future, people who know how to handle R-22 are going to become rare. And finding the product itself will be even more so. But is this a good thing? Yes. And yes. Progress is always good, and our experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning fully support the use of products that are safer for you, safer for our specialists, and safer for our planet!

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