Opening your windows on a mild day is a great way to ventilate your home and let fresh air inside. But how can you get the benefits of ventilation during the hottest and coldest months of the year? That’s where an energy recovery ventilator comes in. So what is an energy recovery ventilator and how does it efficiently improve the quality of air in your home?

What is an energy recovery ventilator?

An energy recovery ventilator is a device that’s used to bring fresh outdoor air into your home, and carry contaminated indoor air out of your home, without losing too much energy. While you could ventilate your home by opening your windows, this only makes sense on mild days when you aren’t using your furnace or air conditioner. By using an energy recovery ventilator, you can bring clean outdoor air into your home without worrying about the temperature outside.

How does an energy recovery ventilator work?

An energy recovery ventilator works by simultaneously sending indoor air outside and bringing outdoor air inside. The device uses a heat exchanger to transfer heat and humidity between the air that’s flowing in each direction.

In the summer, heat and humidity from the outdoor air are transferred to the cooler indoor air that’s leaving the home. In the winter, heat and humidity from the indoor air are transferred to the incoming cold and dry outdoor air. As a result, fresh air can enter your home while recovering most of the energy that’s used to condition your air inside.

Why would a St. Louis area homeowner want to install an energy recovery ventilator?

Along with source control and installing air cleaners, improving ventilation is one of the three main ways to have better air quality in your home. An energy recovery ventilator makes this possible all year long.

Because our homes are so tight, many of the contaminants that we introduce to our air (such as household cleaners, paint, hairspray, and more) get trapped inside. With an energy recovery ventilator, those contaminants can be carried out of our home and cleaner air can be brought in. As a result, your family can breathe fresher air while still having an efficient heating and cooling system.

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