One of the best benefits that a whole-house humidifier has over a portable humidifier is that a whole-house humidifier requires very little maintenance. But there is one maintenance task that needs to be performed to ensure that your unit works effectively and efficiently: changing the humidifier pad. Today we’re going to talk about what a humidifier pad is and what role it plays in whole house humidifier maintenance!

What is a humidifier pad?

A humidifier pad (also known as a water panel) is the medium through which your home’s air picks up moisture to increase indoor humidity levels during the heating season. When your humidistat detects that humidity levels are low in your home, water is applied to the humidifier pad and a portion of your home’s air is blown over it. The air picks up the moisture from the humidifier pad and is delivered throughout your home.

Why does a humidifier pad need to be changed?

The water that is applied to your humidifier pad comes directly from your home’s water supply. Your home’s tap water contains a certain amount of hardness minerals and other particles that will build upon your humidifier pad over time.
As these minerals and particles from your home’s water build up on your humidifier pad, they begin to reduce their effectiveness. To avoid this, your humidifier pad should be changed every year.

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