For the most part, you can leave knowing the inner workings of your gas furnace to the professionals. Aside from general furnace maintenance, you can trust your repair, replacement, and installation to Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning! However, there are a few actions every homeowner should be familiar with. Namely, those that can be used on a general daily basis, and especially those that can save you trouble and a risk of danger in the case of an emergency!

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What is a gas shut-off valve?

Honestly, it’s all in the name. The shut-off valve does exactly what it says; shuts off the gas supply to your home. This is the quickest, and most importantly the safest, method of cutting off gas to your home in the case of an emergency. A shutoff valve cuts the gas supply to your home nearly instantly, so you must know where it is, and how to operate it!

Where is my gas shutoff valve?

A gas shut-off is most commonly located outside of the home, either on the sides or on the back of a home. Occasionally, they can be found on the roadside near your home, or even sometimes inside your home. In this case, the basement is the most common location. Be prepared to make use of the shutoff by:

  • Locating the shut off valve. Next time you do your furnace maintenance, make a point to find your valve.
  • Familiarizing yourself with how to operate it. A valve is a simple “no” or “off” system. The direction you turn the valve should be indicated on the valve itself. If not, look up your model for specific details.
  • Have tools ready. If a wrench is needed to operate the valve, as is often the case, hang one near the shut-off in case of an emergency. You don’t want to find yourself in a hard spot and not know where the tool is!
  • If needed, ask for help! When it comes to the safety of your home and its occupants, there’s no room for ignorance. If you’re unclear about finding or operating your valve, ask a professional! Do not wait until it’s too late.

When do I need to use my shut off?

Essentially any time you feel concerned or threatened! But as a general rule, shut off your gas supply if:

  • You smell gas. Natural gas doesn’t smell like anything, but a product called ‘mercaptan’ is added to it. This smells like rotten eggs, or more accurately sulfur. If you smell this, shut off the gas!
  • You hear gas. The sharp sound given off by gas escaping from somewhere it shouldn’t be is plenty of reason to shut off the valve!
  • You suspect a gas leak. If you noticed damaged gas lines, or something leads you to believe you may leak, shut off the gas immediately and call a professional.

Furnace maintenance in Missouri with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

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