Warranties are very important for large appliances like your heating and cooling system because they protect you from having to pay for parts and labor fees when your system breaks down for reasons other than normal wear and tear. But a warranty is only valid if you abide by its terms, and not every homeowner knows what exactly those terms entail. Today we’re going to help you ensure your warranty remains valid by talking about what can void an HVAC warranty!

What can void an HVAC warranty?

  • Not registering your system in the first place. For your warranty to be active, you must register your system in the first place. Oftentimes, this needs to be done within a specific window of time, so this should be one of the first things you take care of after your system is installed. If you have your system installed by Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll take care of registering the warranty for you, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting this step!
  • Skipping annual maintenance. Getting annual tune-ups for your furnace and air conditioner is essential if you want to keep your systems in the best shape possible. And we’re not the only ones with that opinion. Most HVAC warranties will become void if you do not have professional tune-ups for each system every year. In addition, you must keep a record of those tune-ups to prove that they were done.
  • Using unauthorized or mismatched parts. Heating and cooling systems are designed to work with a specific set of parts. It doesn’t make sense for a manufacturer to offer a warranty that covers parts that are made by another manufacturer, which is why most HVAC warranties will become void if you have unauthorized parts installed. In addition, if you replace your furnace without replacing your air conditioner (or vice versa), warranties often become void because it’s not good for a newer system to share parts with an older system.
  • Working with the wrong contractor. To keep your HVAC warranty intact, you must work with a contractor who has the proper training, licensing, and qualifications. A warranty can quickly become void when your system is installed or repaired by an unqualified contractor.
  • The easiest ways to keep your HVAC warranty valid

    There are two simple ways you can prevent your HVAC warranty from becoming void: schedule annual tune-ups for your systems and work with a high-quality contractor like Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning. We perform all of our installations and repairs in a way that will keep your warranty intact. In addition, consider joining one of our maintenance clubs, which include yearly tune-ups for your furnace and air conditioner!
    If you have any questions about what can void an HVAC warranty, or if you’d like a heating system serviced or installed in your home, contact Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, your St. Charles, MO, furnace installation and repair contractor. We provide service all over the St. Louis area, including towns like Maryland Heights, O’Fallon and St. Paul, MO.

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