Making the decision to install a new cooling system isn’t always the easiest thing to do. An air conditioner can be a significant investment, and you might be tempted to squeeze every last day out of the system that’s currently installed in your home. But running an air conditioner that’s past its prime can cause some significant problems, and if you wait too long to install a new system it will likely end up costing you more money in the long run. Today we’re going to talk about the risks associated with running and old air conditioner and why it’s best to be proactive about installing a new system!

6 risks of running an old air conditioner in your home

  1. Your energy bills will be expensive. There are two reasons why old air conditioners cost more money to operate than new systems. First, air conditioners become less and less efficient as they grow older. The cooling bills for a 15 year old air conditioner will be much higher than they were when the system was just installed. Second, new air conditioners are more efficient than ever. Not only will replacing your system give you the opportunity to install an air conditioner with a higher efficiency rating, but you’ll also have the option of including energy-saving features that might have not even been available when your current system was installed.
  2. Breakdowns are likely. As much as we’d like them to, air conditioners do not last forever. After years of hard work and wear-and-tear, their parts eventually stop working properly and breakdowns become much more likely. Worst of all, spending money on repairing an old air conditioner is not a good investment because you’ll have to replace the system soon anyway.
  3. Repairs might not be covered by your warranty. Another big issue with old air conditioners breaking down is that their required repairs are likely not covered under warranties anymore. Spending money on repairing and old system is already a bad investment, but it’s worse when you have to pay more because your warranty has expired.
  4. Your system could be unsafe. When your air conditioner’s parts are old and not working properly, there’s a chance that something could go wrong that could pose a safety threat to your home. This is especially true for electrical wires and connections.
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