There are many benefits for St. Louis area homeowners to adding a whole-house humidifier to their furnaces, but they’re also several different kinds to choose from. Each type operates a little differently and has its advantages and disadvantages, but the purpose behind them remains the same: to add moisture to your home’s air.

Whole-house humidifier types

Four of the main whole house humidifier types include drum, disc wheel, flow-through, and spray mist humidifiers. Below is a brief description of how each one works.

Drum style humidifiers

A foam pad is mounted on a drum and rests in a reservoir of water. When humidification is needed, the drum spins and the pad collects water, which is evaporated into the hot air that passes through the humidifier. These are an attractive option because they are inexpensive; however, the water reservoir can pick up mold from the air that passes through it which can lead to an unclean pad. For that reason, drum-style humidifiers require consistent inspections for pad cleanliness.

Disc wheel humidifiers

These operate the same way as a drum humidifier, except the drum and pad are replaced by spinning plastic discs. These are a good option because they don’t require any regular replacement of parts and are more efficient than drum-style humidifiers. They are, however, a bit more expensive.

Flow-through humidifiers

Unlike the drum and disc wheel humidifiers, flow-through humidifiers don’t use a water reservoir. Instead, an aluminum biscuit is placed in the humidifier and air passes through it. When humidification is needed, water flows down through the biscuit and is evaporated into the hot air. These humidifiers require very little maintenance and don’t run the risk of mold growth in a water reservoir. The biggest disadvantage with flow-through humidifiers is that a certain amount of water is wasted because not all of the water that is used gets evaporated into the air. Spray mist humidifiers With a spray mist humidifier, water is sprayed directly into the air supply as a mist and picked up by the flowing air. These types of humidifiers are highly efficient, relatively inexpensive, and don’t require much maintenance. However, the spray nozzle can become clogged if the water supply is too hard, which can lead to regular cleaning or replacement.

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