A clean home is something everyone in St. Charles can appreciate. You breathe easier, you feel less stressed, and you even actually experience fewer instances of illness like headaches and allergies. Not to mention it just feels nice. Looking for the real secrets to a clean, odor-free home? If so, the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning have some tips and solutions for you!

Looking to improve the air quality in your Missouri home? Contact the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out how!

Indoor Air Quality and How it Impacts You

Indoor air quality (IAQ for short) refers to the number of pollutants, common allergens, and bits of dust and detritus that reside in the air of your home. The quality of your air has a direct correlation with not only your comfort but your actual health as well!

When the air quality in your home is poor, you can experience:

  • Complications with allergies
  • Headaches
  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Respiratory complications
  • Foul odors in the home
  • Discomfort

Some longer-term complications are possible as well, but these vary wildly from person to person.

How to Improve and Control Air Quality

Your HVAC system sort of assists with air quality, especially if you keep up with your air filter. But this is an auxiliary function at best. The good news is that there are lots of great other solutions that the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning can provide, including:

  • Air purifier systems. Air purifiers work by removing dust, debris, pollen, mold, and dander from the air in your home. These systems work most commonly either by filtration, or by heat purification, and are directly incorporated into your existing HVAC system as an augment.
  • UV air purifiers. These operate similarly to an air purifier but make use of ultraviolet light to remove impurities. UV air purifier systems are particularly effective at removing odors, cigarette smoke, chemical vapors, and similar contaminants.
  • Air filtration systems. Air filtration system is a blanket term for various home augment and IAQ improvement devices. These range from small to large and can meet a varying number of needs and home requirements. The experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning often recommend filtration systems for homeowners looking to breathe easier and deal with less musty or funky smells in the home.
  • HVAC maintenance. Yes, just good old routine professional maintenance can have a massive impact on the air quality in your home! The routine care offered by our experts includes a very thorough cleaning of your system, removing caked-on dust and debris that can not only drop the efficiency of your HVAC system but can compromise the air quality in your home.

Air Quality and Odor Control with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning in St. Charles, MO

For a healthy, cleaner home, our air purification solutions are the way to go! Our experts have all of the knowledge and experience needed to help you find the best solution to meet your specific needs, and we can guarantee a perfect product and installation! Contact Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more, or to set a date for your appointment!

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