If you haven’t thought about getting your furnace tune-up yet, you might want to give it some serious thought. It’s not only dangerous to leave your heater running for a season without an inspection, but it can also be causing permanent damage without showing any sign of problems! Let’s put the “is it worth it to have my furnace cleaned annually” debacle to rest and give some perspective to the question.

Carbon Monoxide: Your Family Could be at Risk
You’ve most likely heard news stories and articles discussing carbon monoxide (CO) as a ‘silent killer’ to households nationwide. The gas is called a silent killer because it’s colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-irritating to the skin. This makes it nearly undetectable and extremely deadly. CO poisoning is commonly produced from engines and mechanical equipment including gas-powered tools, cooking equipment, and most of all, home furnaces. Now don’t go running to your spouse ranting about how you have to get rid of the furnace and move to Mexico because you don’t want carbon monoxide poisoning to harm your family. CO poisoning only occurs if your furnace is faulty, which generally happens when your system is not maintained properly every year. 500 deaths and over 20,000 emergency room visits can be wrong, carbon monoxide poisoning is a big threat and could be a simple fix.

Dirty Furnaces Eat Money
You could probably tell your child that your furnace eats money right out of your hands and it wouldn’t be far from the truth unless you have a high-efficiency furnace or you keep your system cleaned and checked every year. From thermostat calibration to pilot examination, every inch of your furnace will be delicately looked over to make sure everything is functioning safely and efficiently.

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