Furnaces rejoice! Your lengthy 168-hour workweek is coming to an abrupt halt! Better start thinking about spring break and summer vacation. Soon air conditioners all across Missouri will be rudely awakened and need to supply cool air inside homes. There are several ways to get your A/C ready for the summer heat, but before that starts, take a break from rising utility bills and enjoy the breeze! Here are the Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning‘s top five home preparation projects for spring cleaning:

    Paint a Room
    Spring is a great time to do some interior decorating, especially painting. Painting can give off unpleasant odors and fumes, so by using fans and opening some windows, you’ll be able to keep that smell from lingering in each room. Try doing this in the middle of summer and even your candles will be melting!

    Start a Garden
    It doesn’t have to be perfect outside to start a garden, you can plant some seeds indoors and get them ready for peak gardening season. All you’ll need to do is follow the instructions on the seed packet, make sure they get enough light, and water them correctly. When the time is right, set them outside and continue giving them love and attention.

    Get Ready to Grill
    Spring cleaning isn’t completed without this one. Nothing says summer like firing up the barbecue grill and it needs to be ready for battle. Remove any charred substances from the grill bowl and make sure to clean any grates with a wire brush and safe cleaner. Inspect gas grills for loose connections or rusted parts, they may need to be replaced. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to burger-and-brat heaven.

    Make Those Windows Shine
    When the sun starts shining, it’s time to deep clean the windows. Use household cleaning sprays, dust around the edges, and get the proper tools to clean skylights safely. Keeping the shades open will help warm your home in direct sunlight when it’s too chilly to open windows. Cleaning around the window sills will help keep dust away too.

    Check Your Hoses and Faucets
    After a tough winter in St. Louis, it may be time to replace a hose or two (especially if they were left outside). Check on outdoor faucets too, they may have been damaged by the cold weather. Run the water and place your thumb over the opening of the faucet-if water stops easily, you may have a pipe issue.

    There are plenty of spring projects anyone can start working on before the weather heats up so let us know what your project will be in the comments below! Happy cleaning!

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