Make Your List Now—And Check It Twice

Oh, the holidays! The time of year for friendly gatherings, twinkling lights, mugs of cheer, and—let’s face it—lots of extra chaos inside your cozy home. For many homeowners, the anticipation for this festive time is often heightened. Deep down we know hosting relatives and friends is a joyous occasion, but the toll it takes on our homes can be worrisome. Well, don’t fret! Your friends at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning are here to offer holiday solutions. To avoid mishaps during your Christmas entertaining, we are offering six ways to prep your home for holiday success. So, sit back, relax and let us unwrap some warmth for the perfect holiday home.

A Warm Home Starts Here

As your trusted HVAC company, we want you to know we are available 24/7 for all of your furnace repairs in West County, MO, and beyond. However, if you’re looking to avoid common heating disasters amid that eggnog toast, try these little stocking stuffers beforehand:

  1. Keep vents clear. Be sure wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue paper, bows, boxes, and presents are far from your intake vents. Blocked vents will only lead to poor airflow and make your family room feel like Frosty’s wonderland.
  2. Don’t decorate near the thermostat. Holiday lights and garlands look fabulous but try to refrain from hanging them over your thermostat. A covered thermostat makes it tough to gauge the actual room temperature and could throw off your cozy comfort.
  3. Change your HVAC filters. You don’t want your guests sneezing their heads off while sipping on that hot cocoa, right? Change your filters so your guests are breathing in fresh indoor air and your heating unit is working at top efficiency.
  4. Use the backdoor. During party time your guests are going to be coming and going quite often, which means your door will be opening and closing quite a bit. If you ask guests to enter your home from the door farthest from your thermostat, you’ll be keeping much more heat inside—and keeping everyone warm, toasty, and happy.
  5. Be cautious with flammable objects. The chilly season calls for things like space heaters, heated throws, and candles to make regular appearances. If you use any of these, be sure to keep flammable items such as wrapping paper and boxed gifts far away. No one wants a visit from the fire department in the midst of a cocktail party!
  6. Call Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning for a maintenance checkup—before that party! Probably the best way to ensure smooth entertaining during your holiday soiree is by calling Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning for an HVAC checkup before your shindig. Our pros can zone in on any issues that might be problematic and fix them flawlessly—so you can concentrate solely on that peppermint martini and those powdered cookies.

Get a Free Furnace for Your Holiday Party!

As you plan for that party and shop for those gifts, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning is only a phone call away should the need for any heat pump repairs in West County, MO, come a-calling. And as a way of saying thanks for always counting on us for all of your heating and cooling needs, we are offering a free furnace with the purchase of an air conditioner to residents of St. Charles and the surrounding areas. That’s right! Purchase a new 13 SEER GSX13 Emerald Air Conditioner & Coil—now through Feb. 29—and you’ll receive a GMS80 Emerald Gas furnace for free.

Plus, be sure to check out our White Christmas Give-A-Way until Dec. 24!

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