So another great St. Charles spring has rolled around, and your stalwart furnace has been put to bed for a long-deserved rest. But before you wash your hands of it until your fall maintenance check rolls around, is there something you might be forgetting? The certified experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning think the answer might be yes!

Our specialists have been providing extensive care and quality service to Missouri for a long, long time. When it comes to furnace maintenance, there’s simply no one better! So when it comes to the question of pilot lights, and whether or not they should be shut off during the off-months, you know our answer will be top-notch!

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Should You Shut Off Your Pilot Light?

Your pilot is a pretty simple, if not highly effective, a bit of tech. The basic idea is that the pilot ignites gas as it enters the main burner of your furnace. It could be looked at as the catalyst for how your furnace provides heat. But that little blue flame needs fuel, too.

So should shutting off your pilot be part of your furnace maintenance check? Short answer: yes. The long answer, well, it might be a little long. But if you’ve got the time, we have the info!

  • Pilots use up fuel. The amount is quite minute, yes. But over the months of spring, summer, and early fall; they add up pretty quickly. There aren’t hard and fast numbers here, as fuel costs are somewhat diverse, and the system itself has a say in how many BTU your pilot uses as well. But as a very general estimate, you could save anywhere from forty to a couple of hundred bucks per warm season that you shut off your pilot. And hey, that certainly adds up fast!
  • Pilot lights generate heat. You would assume that what essentially amounts to a glorified blow torch candle would generate very little heat, yes? Well, yes and no. Have you ever been in a room where a couple of halogen bulbs have been burning for a while? It’s nearly a guarantee that the room will be a degree or two warmer than others. Your pilot light burns pretty hotly for a little flame, and it can contribute to completely unnecessary warmth that your air conditioner has to fight through!
  • Pilot lights create moisture. Specifically when the furnace isn’t operating during summer. As a byproduct of the combustion caused by your pilot, moisture is generated. Normally this moisture is nominal and completely evaporated when the furnace is on. But when it’s off, that moisture can cling to your system and promote corrosion and rust scale.

Furnace Maintenace in Missouri with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

Considering extinguishing the flame in your home this spring? Awesome idea! If you’re looking for furnace maintenance, or assistance with your pilot light this season, call on the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning to assist! We can make the process quick, easy, and stress-free!

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