Do you ever wonder if the boiler in your St. Charles home is the best fit
possible? At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand
that making the right choice for your home or business is paramount to
comfort, both physically and financially. So how do you know if a furnace
installation is a right move? Let’s discuss…

When is it time to replace a boiler?

If we’re talking about a brand-new boiler that came with your home,
less than a few years of age, it’s probably not time to look to
replace it. A well-serviced new boiler can provide you with exceptional
heating for a good while. But, if your boiler is getting on in years,
or is exhibiting a few warning signs, it may be time to seek out a replacement
in furnace installation. Signs you need a replacement include:

  • Age. If your boiler exceeds fifteen to twenty years, you’ll save
    more in the long run by switching to a furnace as soon as possible.
  • Damage. Rust, cracks in pipework, or damaged components all indicate replacement
    is in order.
  • Improper, or inadequate heating. Boilers should have no issue keeping you warm. If it
    is having trouble, replace it.
  • Operating my boiler is too expensive. In many situations, boilers are simply too costly to operate. While they don’t need frequent repair, the repair itself is exceptionally costly, and depending on the fuel source your furnace uses, it may be too expensive to operate that heavy-duty boiler in the first place.

Why choose a furnace?

You may be wondering why we’re suggesting replacing a worn-out
boiler with a
furnace, instead of simply getting a new boiler. Well, there are several reasons:

  • Furnace installation is less costly. Boilers are a fine way to get your heat, but those hulks are very costly. An electric, gas, or oil furnace installation is a considerably easier pill to swallow and provides all of the same benefits (and some better!).
  • Greater efficiency at lower prices. The price range for a high-efficiency boiler that keeps up with today’s demands is steep, whereas you can achieve much better energy efficiency with a furnace at much more reasonable prices.
  • Less property risk. Boilers that aren’t in good repair can cause massive property damage, including water damage and irreparable structural damage. Furnaces do not share this flaw.
  • Easier repair. Furnace repair presents far fewer complications, making it cheaper, and much less time-intensive.
  • Simple installation. Furnace installation and furnace replacement are a simple process, taking no more than a handful of hours.
  • Options and additions. Furnaces play well with quite a few excellent additional services and home improvement equipment like humidifiers and air purifiers.

Superior furnace installation in Missouri with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

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