If you read along with our blog, you’re probably fairly familiar with a lot of the common issues that can arise with your furnace or heating system. From odd noises to reduced efficiency, we’ve discussed it all! But have we? You can probably understand why a furnace that is too small could be a problem. But did you know your furnace can be too large too?

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The specifics of furnace installation: Not too small, not too large

Possibly the single most important factor of a heating system is its size. It doesn’t matter if you use a gas furnace, electric, oil, or even a boiler, if your furnace is the wrong size, it’s not going to operate properly. But why is too large of a furnace an issue? Well:

  • Large furnaces heat too quickly. Getting the heat you want fast seems like a good thing, right? Well, it can go too quickly. If your furnace reaches its target temperature too fast, it almost definitely didn’t heat evenly, or thoroughly. This means the area near its sensors got nice and toasty, but the rest of your home got left in the cold!
  • An over-sized furnace is terrible for efficiency. For similar reasons to it heating too quickly, a large furnace has a huge negative impact on your efficiency. Since it’s not heating evenly, that cold air left around will rapidly cool the home again, basically forcing your furnace into a loop of rapidly kicking on and off (short-cycling). This costs you a lot of energy, and by extension a lot of money.
  • Furnaces that are too large will wear out quickly. If your furnace is too large, it’s also working too hard. This can reduce its lifespan by years, sometimes even cutting its performance life to half. Additionally, in that time you’re going to be seeing a much higher need for costly repair.
  • The heat of an oversized furnace can be overbearing. Depending on the layout of your home, and how your thermostat interacts with the structure, the rooms that heat super rapidly can become unbearable. Some rooms can become a dry-air sauna, while others feel almost as chilly as outside! This can do serious harm to your home and can be bad for your health as well, causing increased allergies, dry skin, and occasionally illness.
  • So how do you avoid getting a furnace that is just the right size for your home? Work alongside a trusted HVAC specialist! A trained professional can gather all of the relevant information about your home, and assist you in choosing the right heating system type, size, and energy rating to ensure perfect comfort and maximum efficiency.

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