It’s a common cliché, that the “smell of freshly cut grass” is a distinct, aromatic sign of summer. No one can deny it either, it’s a wonderful smell that brings pleasure to the senses after months of chilly winter weather. But when these blades of grass confetti the lawn as the mower glides around (with the occasional clump-jam) they can be detrimental to one of the most important appliances for your home: the air conditioner.

Blades of grass can suffocate an air conditioner in the summer, leading to all kinds of bad news. Compare it to a jogger on a hot day, let’s say 90 degrees. The longer he jogs, he’ll need to work harder to keep moving and his body will need more oxygen to supply his muscles. What happens when you put a sock in his mouth and he continues to jog? Collapse is imminent. The same thing happens to your air conditioner or heat pump. The grass acts as the sock in the jogger’s mouth, constricting the air that the air conditioner is attempting to suck out of the atmosphere to cool your home. The result is that your air conditioner works harder and harder to get air and will eventually collapse.

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