At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we take our work very seriously. Bringing you the best products, skills, and services available is always a priority. However, there is one thing that stands above even that: safety. Ensuring that you and your family stay safe is paramount, and to help with this, our experts have created a list of the most integral aspects of furnace safety.

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Furnace Safety: Keeping Your Children Safe

As the most curious and adventurous residents in your home, kids take point when it comes to ensuring safety standards are met. While all modern furnaces have safety features to protect your home from a malfunctioning furnace, those safety features don’t keep your kids from exploring on their own. Keep these ideas and points in mind when childproofing your furnace area:

  • Pay attention to vents. Ventilation that is easily accessible, particularly if they are located along with the floors, is the number one cause of accidents in the home regarding your furnace. These can potentially cause burns, and occasionally a trapped limb or two. We recommend investing in childproof safety covers that stand particularly tall. These ensure hot air doesn’t blow all over any unsuspecting youths toddling by.
  • Insulate pipes and exposed ductwork. Pipes and ducts that carry heated air or water should be insulated. Foam insulation can do wonders here and can keep fingers and limbs from getting burned.
  • Take time to teach. If your kids have no way of knowing something is dangerous, they’re much more likely to get curious and start pawing around in places they shouldn’t be. A nice, instructive lesson is a good opportunity to assist in learning, and keep them safe!
  • Consider replacement. We know, it’s a huge investment, but if you have floor-centric heating systems it may be wise to look into the central heating installation. These are almost childproof, and will likely improve the energy efficiency of your home to boot!

General Safety Tips

Your kids aren’t the only ones at risk! Keep these general tips in mind:

  • Clean around the furnace consistently. The buildup of dust and lint can pose a very real risk of fire. A good, solid sweep and dusting can keep this hazard to a minimum. And while you’re at it, check the filter!
  • Inspect for visible damage. Cracked or split wiring, damaged ductwork, and bent or dented cases can mean serious risks of fire and shock. Take a few moments every few weeks to give it a good look around. If you see anything, call in for a repair!
  • Store chemicals and flammables somewhere else! It can be easy to lump chemicals and cleaning supplies in the same area your heating and cooling system resides. but even if you use all caution, the chance of an accident just means too much. If something were to go wrong with your system, the presence of volatile chemicals could turn a bad problem into a catastrophic one!
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