Installing a new air filter in your furnace or air conditioner is a relatively simple task. But if your filter is installed in the wrong direction (a mistake that can be made quite easily), the performance and efficiency of your system will suffer. Today we’re going to talk about why it’s important for a furnace filter to face in the right direction and how to ensure you install yours the right way!

The two sides of an air filter are different

When you look at an air filter, it might not seem like there’s much of a difference between both of its sides. But the truth is one side is more porous than the other. This is done so that air can flow more easily through the filter to minimize the drop in airflow that the filter might create.

What happens if a furnace filter faces the wrong direction?

If an air filter is installed in the wrong direction, air will have to pass through the filter via the less porous side. This will make it more difficult for your air handler to keep air flowing through the filter, which will force your furnace to work harder and consume more energy to make up for the loss of airflow.
In addition, a filter that’s installed in the wrong direction will not be as effective at trapping particles from your home’s air. This will allow airborne particles to bypass your filter and continue to build upon your system and circulate throughout your home.

How can you ensure your filter faces the right way?

Air filters have arrows printed on them that indicate which direction they should be installed. The arrows should always point away from the supply air and toward the blower. If you’re confused about which direction to install your filter, please feel free to give us a call at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning!
After you have made sure that your filter is installed in the right direction, you can simply look at which way the arrows are pointing on your old filter every time that you install a new filter.

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