Generally speaking, your furnace was built to withstand. They’re hardy, sound machines that require little in the way of repair (provided they are properly maintained!). Bearing that in mind, eventually, all furnaces will encounter an issue now and then. It’s inevitable, and all you can do is know who to call, and what you’re looking for.

Noticing some odd sounds coming from your furnace? Poor airflow? Or maybe your furnace regularly kicks off when it shouldn’t! The problem could lie with an overheating blower motor. This issue is a fairly common one where repairs are concerned and knowing the signs might help you out in the future!

The experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning carry years of experience, offering the absolute best in diagnostics, repair, maintenance, and replacement. If you’re looking for furnace services in St. Louis that are guaranteed to meet your needs, contact us today online!

What Is the Blower Motor

The blower motor is responsible for the process of cycling air from your furnace to the vents throughout your home. This component can be seen by use of the blower access panel usually located on the side of your unit. We do not recommend you go looking for the blower motor. There are electrical components and sharp parts in your system and poking around can be very hazardous to your health!

Signs of an Overheating Blower Motor

Your blower motor can give you some very clear signs of overheating, including:

  • A “hot” or burning smell from vents in the home. This symptom is often coupled with the furnace shutting off completely. If it isn’t, it soon will be.
  • Loud humming and other unusual noises. We have many homeowners call us mentioning humming and other odd sounds. For us, this is plenty of reason to suspect an overheating blower motor. Often motors overheat because they have the power to start, but something is preventing them from operating. This generates excessive heat, causing an overheating and humming.
  • Furnace cycles off and refuses to restart. If your furnace requires you to “reset” before it operates, it likely shut itself down for safety reasons. Namely, overheating, likely localized around the blower motor.

What Causes Overheating?

The initial cause of an overheating can be pretty diverse. Common issues include:

  • Dirt and dust buildup. Dust and grime building up around the motor can make the blower unable to vent itself, building heat over time. If you’ve ever cleaned out your computer, or another similar piece of equipment, you’ll know what we’re talking about!
  • Component failure. The motor may fail due to disrepair or a lack of appropriate maintenance. Like any moving part, the motor occasionally needs some TLC. If it’s not getting it, it’ll wear out eventually.
  • Age. Sometimes time is the biggest threat to your furnace system. The blower may be simply too old, in which case it may need to be replaced. In this instance, we would recommend considering a complete furnace replacement. If the blower motor is old enough to fail, it’s likely your system is the same age or older, meaning you’re getting poor efficiency and lackluster performance!

Furnace Services in St. Louis with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

Don’t allow your furnace to become a source of stress! If you suspect your blower motor is overheating, or any other aspect of your HVAC system is acting in a way it shouldn’t, call on our experts today! We provide the absolute best furnace services in St. Louis, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

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