If you’ve spent any time on our installation pages, or even the installation pages of some other HVAC company, you’ve probably seen some talk about AC size and how it’s important. But if you’re sitting there in your home and have no idea if your system is the right size, how can you tell? It’s not like you can just run out there with a ruler and get the answers you want, after all. And even if you could, do you know the correct size for your home?

The odds are low on that one, but luckily for you, the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning love cluing others into the science and fun stuff of our work. AC installation and the details involved is a specialty of ours, and we’re all up for helping you find the answers you need!

Why is the Correct Size Important?

We’ve talked about air conditioner size before, so we’ll keep this simple. Essentially, your system can be too small. This one is obvious. A small system can’t meet your needs, and the result is a hot, humid, and uncomfortable home.

But a large air conditioner presents the same problems; just for different reasons. If your system is too big, it will cycle rapidly, never quite cooling or dehumidifying your home properly. Additionally, it’s not going to last very long if it’s the wrong size. All of that stop-start cooling wrecks the system.

How do I find the Right Sized AC System?

Again, measuring tape and rulers aren’t going to cut it here. The size of your system encompasses all components and aspects of your HVAC system. But there’s an easy answer! The actual size of your system is, conveniently enough, right on the side of your unit. This info is very handy if you’re going for an ac replacement.

There will be a label, and on it is everything you ever need to know about your system. What we’re looking for right now is the Model Number (M/N). Each set of digits in the string represents a different aspect of the size of your system. This includes the BTUs and SEER rating. So this is the information we’re talking about when we say “size”.

How Do I Know the Right Size for my St. Charles Home?

Math. We know, it’s not fun. And to be honest, it’s not accurate, either. You can get a somewhat ballpark figure on what size system your home requires by checking out one of two common math formulas. A search engine will help you find them quickly, but we’ll refrain from using them here. Long strings of numbers don’t make for fun reading.

But as we said, this is only a ballpark estimate. To get the right answer and the perfect AC installation for your home, it’s important to work with a professional! There’s a reason for all of that training and experience we’ve gone through, and our team can help you find the absolute best cooling solution to meet your needs!

AC Installation in St. Charles with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

Looking for superior AC installation in Missouri? We’ve got you covered! Our experts have all of the skills and experience needed to make sure your home is cool and comfortable this summer season, guaranteed. Contact us today to learn more about our AC installation services, or to set your appointment!

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