Air cleaning and air purifying products serve a dual purpose: they provide your home with healthier air and they protect your HVAC system from the buildup of airborne contaminants. One of the best ways you can prevent problems with your air conditioner that stem from pollutants in your air like germs and bacteria is to install a UV light in your ductwork. So let’s take a look at how your air conditioner can be affected by airborne contaminants and why a UV light is a great solution to those problems.

Why do germs and bacteria pose a threat to your air conditioner?

Germs and bacteria are present in every home. As air from around your home is sent to your air conditioner to be cooled, it can carry many of those germs and bacteria with it. Because your air conditioner is likely located in a dark and damp place, it is the perfect breeding ground for those contaminants to land, grow and multiply.

One of the biggest problems with these biological organisms growing on your air conditioner is that they can affect your system’s efficiency. In particular, biological growth on your evaporator coil can make it much more difficult for your air conditioner to efficiently cool your home’s air. The EPA says that a buildup of 1/20 of an inch on your evaporator coil can reduce its cooling output by 21 percent!

How can a UV light provide protection for your air conditioner?

A UV light mimics the sterilization powers of the sun and replicates them in your ductwork. By installing a UV light in your return ducts, you can kill or sterilize the germs and bacteria in your home’s air before they reach your air conditioner. This will prevent the biological organisms in your air from building up on your coils, your filter, and all of the other important parts of your air conditioner.

Along with protecting your air conditioner from efficiency problems, a UV light will also help prevent germs and bacteria from continuing to circulate throughout your home. This results in a healthier indoor environment and reduces the catching and spreading of illnesses between you and your family.

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