Our Reminders Will Keep Your Home Cozy and Cool All Year

Welcome to 2020—the year for seeing things much more clearly! As the new year unfolds, it’s time to make some resolutions. If you’re a homeowner, we have cool and cozy tips on where to start. As a way to usher in every new season in 2020, we’re offering seasonal “resolution reminders” for your home this year. From winter, spring, summer, and fall, you’ll never forget the proper HVAC guidelines for each season—because we’re going to remind you right now!

Since it’s January, we’ll start with your winter reminder first. Our annual tips will have you saying goodbye to those unwanted heat pump repairs in St. Charles County, MO, and living your most comfortable indoor life all year long.


There is no avoiding the icy chill that seeps into your bones—and your home—during January, February and March. Let us help you ward off that chill.

In winter, resolve to:

  • Call for a heating tune-up.
  • Change your filters.
  • Properly set any programmable thermostats in the house.
  • Do a visual inspection of your furnace, making sure there is a three-foot clearance around the entire unit.


When a long winter has kept you indoors for months, spring is always a welcome break. But don’t forget that your home maintenance requires different needs in the springtime than it does during winter.

In spring, resolve to:

  • Check and change air filters again.
  • Change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Clear debris from around the outdoor AC condenser.
  • Schedule an AC tune-up with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning.


As you transition from spring’s cooler weather to longer days filled with heat and humidity, it’s important to keep your indoor space comfy.

In summer, resolve to:

  • Get ductwork cleaned—especially if it’s been over five years since you’ve had it done.
  • Check and change filters if necessary.
  • Utilize window treatments to block out heat if your home has lots of windows.
  • Clean vents and be sure there is nothing blocking them.
  • Call Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning for a summer checkup!


Fall back in love with cooler weather by prepping your home with some simple tips that’ll leave your cozy abode in tip-top shape for autumn.

In the fall, resolve to:

  • Clean your condensate drain line to prevent clogging or buildup. If you’re not sure how, don’t worry. Give our techs a call and we’ll do it for you!
  • Check that thermostats are calibrated properly.
  • Cover outdoor AC units with a waterproof cover so they’re protected during winter.
  • Reseal or caulk your windows.
  • Schedule a fall checkup with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning!

Live Happier in 2020 With Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning by Your Side

We hope you know that one thing is clear in 2020: You can always lean on Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning for any home heating and cooling maintenance or heat pump repairs in West County, MO. Visit us online today and utilize our cool chat feature or call our team 24/7 at (636) 442-0338 with all of your HVAC questions!

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