Spring in St. Charles is a great time to get out and soak up some sun, spend time with family, and overall have a great time. Know what else spring is great for? Scheduling an HVAC check-up for your cooling system! We know, it doesn’t sound like as much fun at all. But trust our experts when they say your system depends on a solid tune-up before the season swings from pleasant to piping!

Get the most out of your cooling system this summer with a full-scale comprehensive check-up with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning! A proper tune-up is part of professional maintenance, and goes a long way in ensuring your system is equipped to meet your needs this year. Not only that, it provides some excellent perks besides.

Need air conditioner maintenance for your St. Louis home? The experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning have you covered! Make your appointment today and get the service you deserve!

The Perks of a Tune-Up

When summer sets in, your demand for comfort rises in a hurry. Proper maintenance is about two key things: prevention and maximizing performance. Your professional check-up will bring you:

  • Better efficiency. Air conditioning maintenance is all about making your excellent cooling system even better and maintaining peak performance. With a bi-yearly check-up, you can expect to see much lower cooling costs, better airflow, and more comfort for the dollars you do put in.
  • Fewer breakdowns and repairs. We are not exaggerating when we say that most of our professional repair projects could have been outright avoided with routine maintenance. Professional tune-ups can locate and handle small problems before they evolve into a breakdown. Don’t be caught at the mercy of a sweltering Missouri summer!
  • Lower repair costs. When your system does encounter a problem, they’re likely to be much less costly if you’ve had maintenance recently. Why? Because the most costly repairs usually involve broken, maimed, or dysfunctional components: all things a tune-up would have caught.
  • Longer system lifespans. Your cooling system works hard to keep up with your needs. So it stands to reason that it can wear down rapidly; especially during the summers, we’ve had in recent years. A well-maintained system will continue to provide top-quality service and will last several times longer than systems that don’t get the proper care.
  • Better air quality. You don’t even want to know all of the things that can pile up in your air conditioner. All of the allergens, dust particles and general debris in your system not only reduce efficiency but also chokes up the air in your home!

Why Do Maintenance in the Spring?

Convenience, mostly. Spring and fall are the best times to get routine check-ups, as they coincide with the heaviest seasons for your air conditioner and furnace. Why not wait until summer? Because you don’t want to be caught deep into heavy heat or cold before you get the service your system needs. Plus, summer and winter are very busy for HVAC specialists (That’s when all of the people who didn’t get a check-up are calling in for repairs).

Spring is simply an easy, effective time to get all of the air conditioning maintenance you need before it becomes an issue.

Effective, Superior Air Conditioning Maintenance in St. Charles

Trust the certified experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning to provide all of the air conditioner services you need! Our team always exceeds expectations and is guaranteed to provide all of the superior quality you’ve come to expect from professionals. Contact Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning today to set up your routine check-up!

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