Ellisville Furnace Repair

You can trust Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace repair in Ellisville, MO. We provide prompt and professional furnace services. Please give an HVAC expert a call if you are experiencing problems with your home heating system in Ellisville. We can carry out heating system repair to make your home warm and comfortable once again.

Expert Furnace Repair in Ellisville

There are numerous warning indicators to look out for when considering whether a furnace needs repair. The most obvious problem is a lack of heat. The air flow may be lukewarm or weak if your hand is placed in front of the vents. Your energy costs could be rapidly increasing as your furnace is having trouble operating efficiently.

When raising the temperature on the thermostat controls, listen out for clanging or pounding noises. These suggest the furnace is malfunctioning. You can also discover an issue by using your nose. Gas odors or burning odors may be present when a furnace isn’t working properly. Contact us immediately for furnace repair if the furnace smells strange. Because they increase the chance of a fire, gas leaks can be extremely hazardous.

The following are warning signals that your furnace needs to be repaired by an expert furnace service. If you see any of the following, contact us to arrange heating system repair:
  • Sharp increase in utility costs
  • Unexpected sounds or odors
  • Weak airflow coming from vents
  • Heating that isn’t adequate
  • Having trouble igniting the furnace