Follow Our 7 Spring Training Tips for Slam Dunk Living

March means many things—longer days, hints of spring, lucky shamrocks, and NCAA college basketball playoffs. For hard-core college fans, rivalry week and tournament time can be stressful. You want your team to win so badly that you often find yourself overheated and sweaty. But then again, is it your body that’s overheating, or has your air conditioning started to fail? Hmm. Don’t wait to find out!

While we know it’s technically still winter and residents continue to call our office for heat pump installations in St. Charles County, MO, it’s never too early to think about the change in seasons. At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we like our customers to be prepared. So, consider this your friendly reminder to take charge of your cooling system maintenance now so you’ll come out a winner later!

Three Cheers for Spring Maintenance

Your favorite ballers haven’t made it into the tournament without a great deal of planning and hard work. They know the March tournament is their time to shine so they practice and maintain their skills all winter long. Similar training should be reserved for your cooling system—especially in March when warmer weather is approaching and you’ll need your cooling system more. So, how can you keep your air conditioner in top shape and make sure it’s ready for the big show?

Here are seven “spring training tips” to ensure that your air conditioner will perform like a winner when game time arrives:

  • Get a seasonal tune-up with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning.
  • Replace old air filters with new ones.
  • Replace an old system with a new, efficient one.
  • Inspect any programmable thermostats.
  • Clear bushes and shrubs away from your outdoor AC unit.
  • Test the AC unit (turn on).
  • Replace the batteries in your thermostat.

The Benefits of a Good Game Plan

Just like in the game of basketball, planning and practicing produce results. Whether it’s making all of the free throws or grabbing those hard-to-get rebounds, results improve when you put in the time and effort. So, what kind of benefits will your air conditioning system win if you practice proper maintenance? We’re glad you asked.

Here are just a few benefits of seasonal maintenance:

  • Money savings.
  • The less energy you use, the lower your monthly energy bills will be.

  • Improved energy efficiency. Just like an oil change improves your car’s performance, an annual tune-up will have your system running more efficiently.
  • Fewer repair calls. Don’t get us wrong. We enjoy our customers and love solving their cooling issues. But a yearly tune-up will cut back on your repair calls and, once again, save you money.

Game On: Protect Your Home Team

While spring maintenance is certainly important for your HVAC system, it’s not the only issue that homeowners should be addressing come spring. Don’t forget that indoor air quality is an important element of a comfortable home, too—and another area where Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning can help. From keeping your home cozy with professional heat pump repair in St. Charles, MO, to freshening your indoor air with exceptional IAQ products, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning is your friendly hometown HVAC provider.

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