Ensuring the HVAC system in your St. Charles home gets the maintenance it needs is paramount to peak performance. This goes for the maintenance services provided by a professional like Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, of course, but it applies to some maintenance you can perform all on your own as well. Being sure to replace air filters is a key aspect of maintaining your system, as it improves air quality, and bolsters the defense of your heating and cooling systems.

Are you using the right air filter for your home? There are lots of options out there: various materials, MERV ratings, and even whether or not you want to use a disposable or reusable filter.

Should I Use Disposable or Reusable Filters in my St. Charles Home?

Years back, reusable filters got a pretty bad rap. Initially, their MERV ratings were always very low, and they quickly became useless within a mere handful of months. But with current technology, this is no longer true at all. Reusable filters carry comparable ratings and are properly cared for can provide you with an excellent alternative to traditional filters.

What Do I Need to Know About Reusable Filters?

You need to know that they provide some great benefits, including environmental friendliness, and being much more cost-effective than disposable filters. But, you also need to know that they have some flaws.
While air filters assist in improving the air quality of your home, that is not their primary function. Air filters are meant to protect your system from pollutants, and allow for clean, easy airflow. One issue noted with electrostatic filters is they can (in some cases, depending on the provider) potentially actually restrict airflow in your system. This can lead to higher energy costs and possible repair situations.
There’s also the matter of maintenance. Reusable filters have to be cleaned consistently to remain effective, and even that effectiveness has an expiration date. Don’t get a reusable filter expecting to keep it forever. Eventually, its work will catch up with it, and it will become essentially useless (usually six months to a year).
Looking for additional ways to improve the air quality in your home? Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning can help!

So, Reusable or Disposable?

Largely it comes down to personal preference. If you prefer not to replace air filters and want a more environmentally-conscious option, choose a reusable filter. Do you prefer the convenience of disposable filters, and are concerned about the potential risk to your HVAC system posed by reusable filters? Go disposable!

HVAC Solutions with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

If you’re still unsure which option suits your home best, contact the experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning! We have all of the expertise and knowledge you need to make the best choice, and we would love nothing more than to assist you with all of your HVAC maintenance needs. Contact us today to learn more about our various services, why you should replace air filters, or to set an appointment!

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