Your thermostat is one of your air conditioner’s most important components. It’s responsible for telling your air conditioner when to turn off and on, so if your unit is malfunctioning your home has a small chance of staying comfortable. Today we’re going to help you understand what can go wrong with your thermostat by talking about six common thermostat problems that you might encounter in your home!

6 common thermostat problems you might encounter in your St. Louis area home

  1. Bad location. For your thermostat to get proper readings of your home’s temperature levels, it must be installed in a good location. If your thermostat is located in direct sunlight, in a drafty area, near a heat-producing appliance, or somewhere that’s not near the center of your home, the temperatures that it reads will likely be inaccurate. If your thermostat is reading the wrong temperatures, your air conditioner will turn on and off at the wrong times and your home will suffer from comfort and efficiency issues. Contact Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning if you suspect that your thermostat is in a bad spot in your home so that we can analyze its position and move it if necessary.
  2. Electrical problems. Your thermostat communicates with your air conditioner through a series of wires that are connected to your system’s circuit board. If any of those wires are frayed, improperly connected or malfunctioning, your thermostat, and air conditioner will have a hard time communicating with each other and your system might never know when to turn on or off. Electrical problems should be taken care of by a professional like Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning.
  3. Dirt buildup. Dirt buildup is problematic for many different parts of your air conditioner, and your thermostat is no exception. If you see evidence of dirt or dust on your thermostat, you can try to clean it up by removing the plastic housing and brushing the insides with a soft brush. Make sure not to interfere with any of the internal wirings.
  4. Incompatible with your system. Thermostats are not one-size-fits-all. Many air conditioners require specific types of thermostats, especially if a system has advanced features like a zoning system. Contact Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning if you have questions about whether or not your thermostat is compatible with your specific system.
  5. Dead batteries. Some thermostats use batteries as a backup power supply, while others run solely on batteries. If your thermostat is relying on batteries for power, it’s important to change the batteries at least a couple of times per year. In addition, be sure to install a fresh pair of batteries whenever your thermostat is displaying a low-battery notification.
  6. Old unit. Thermostats can last many years, but some homes have very outdated thermostats. This is especially true for homes with mercury-based thermostats because mercury thermostats are not as accurate as today’s digital units. If your thermostat is outdated, replace it with a newer model that is more accurate and likely comes with other advanced features.

If you have any questions about these common thermostat problems, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, your St. Charles, MO, air conditioning contractor. We provide service to the St. Louis area, including towns like Clayton, Cottleville, and Creve Coeur, MO.

photo credit: darrenkw via photopin (license)

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