So, you’ve decided to move forward with pursuing a heating system replacement or heating installation for your St. Charles home. That’s great! Except now you’ve got another problem. There are a lot of options to choose from, and you’re not quite sure where to start. Looking for a little assistance? No worries, Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning has your back!

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The Quick Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Heating System

As is often the case, the best remedy to indecisiveness is pure, useful information. Ready to learn some things? Here we go!

Gas Furnaces

Tons of homeowners happily depend on gas furnaces, and they offer a lot of unique benefits that make them a particularly appealing option. The benefits of a gas furnace include:

    Very powerful heating. When it comes to sheer heating power, nothing on the list comes close to gas. They can all beat back a St. Charles winter no problem, but if you like it nice and toasty, gas is the way to go.

    Cost-effective operation. Though a gas furnace will run you a bit more to purchase and install, operating it costs far less, saving you money in the long run.

    Fast access to heat. When you kick on a gas furnace, you will feel the powerful, soul-warming heat nearly immediately.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnace heating is a really solid, easy to acquire option that can suit homes within a wide range of sizes and occupancy. When you choose electric furnaces, you get:

  • Low purchase and installation costs. Electric furnaces cost less than any other heating system upon initial purchase, making them a wonderful option that can fit any budget.
  • Very long lifespans. While you’re likely to get a good decade out of a gas furnace, an electric furnace can double that lifespan, making them a great, safe investment.
  • Availability. Other fuel sources like oil or gas may not be available where you live, but electricity is available anywhere short of the Arctic.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have a great bounty of excellent benefits, as well as a lot of versatility. A heat pump in your St. Charles home can provide:

  • Top-class energy efficiency. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more efficient than a heat pump. This means plenty of comforts, and at the lowest cost around when it comes to electricity!
  • Versatility. Quality heating in the winter, and dependable cooling all summer long, all in one package. If you’re a fan of cost-effective convenience, check out a heat pump.
  • Even comfort. No troublesome cold spots with a heat pump, as they provide a very even heat.

Ductless Heating Systems

Ductless systems are the new darlings of HVAC, arriving on the scene a short way back. Ductless heating can bring you:

  • Zoning benefits. Zoning gives you control of each room that contains an indoor unit, meaning you have far more control of the comfort in your home. This leads to some unique cost-saving benefits, too!
  • Improved air quality. The unique filtration system of a ductless system can mean easier breathing and better air quality for your St. Charles home.
  • Reduced noise pollution. With whisper-quiet operation, a home that has a ductless heating system is nice and peaceful.

Heating System Replacement and Installation in St. Charles

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