Whether you know it or not, there is a constant flurry of bacteria and allergens floating around your home, especially in the summer months. Viruses, dust mites, pollen, mold, and all kinds of other nasty critters are all around you in your home, especially if you have indoor pets. There’s an easy solution to help you from getting sick or being constantly uncomfortable: install an air filter.

Everyone has a filter in his or her furnace at home (well, everyone is supposed to have one) that cleans indoor air. You know, that one-inch piece of blue or light-grey fabric and cardboard that is supposed to be cleaning your entire home. News-flash: that piece is hardly doing a thing. Upgrading from this flimsy low-end filter to an Aprilaire filter will be like putting Rambo up to an army of Smurfs. Airborne particles don’t stand a chance. The bacterial kill count will rapidly increase from the moment one of these is installed. And don’t even worry about replacing this bad boy over four times a year like your old one because it will last an entire year; talk about a killing spree. But even more powerful than the Rambo 5000 (okay, it’s called the Aprilaire 4400, but I like the other name) is the Guardian AIR REME or as I call it “the Deathstar of air filters.”

The REME filter (pronounced ‘reh-mee’) is also added to your current ventilation system but functions more at the molecular level. It takes every molecule coming in through your filtration system and picks out certain particles to charge. These particles then flow out through your vents and attack a multitude of tiny organisms floating around your home (just like the imperial TIE fighters… only good guys). This includes, you guessed it, allergens and dust mites. It even eliminates bad odors such as your trashcan, smelly feet, or pets that may have made a bit of a mess while you’re out of town. Don’t worry about the safety of yourself, guests, or any furry friends living in your house because these charged particles will not harm you or other living things, only the smallest creatures. So don’t capture the neighbor’s yappy dog and hope that it will disintegrate, because it won’t. It will only yap more, now inside your home. I don’t recommend capturing it at all because that’s mean and inhumane.

Anyway, as you can see there are lots of ways to eliminate dusty air, allergens, and even the most annoying and stinky air particles but what it comes down to is safety and being comfortable. It’s nice to breathe a breath of fresh air inside your home and not have to worry about “dirty” air, but more importantly, it keeps you and your family safe from bacteria and viruses. Just think about it when the pollen count goes up or the flu virus is going around. It just makes sense.

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