One of the best things you can do for your furnace and the air conditioner has them cleaned and inspected by a certified technician before each year’s heating and cooling seasons.

Many contractors, including Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning here in the St. Louis area, offer HVAC maintenance agreements that allow you to save time and money on not only your inspections but also the repairs and installations that you might need in between.

Although the terms of HVAC maintenance agreements vary from business to business, these are five of the best benefits that you’ll find in a valuable maintenance agreement:

  1. Scheduled reminders. As each heating and cooling season approaches, many HVAC contractors become very busy with cleanings and inspections. If you’re part of a maintenance agreement, you’ll receive reminders before schedules start filling up so that you’ll have your units ready in time for each summer and winter.
  2. Priority service. If your unit breaks down and you need a quick repair, you’ll get priority service over customers who aren’t part of the maintenance agreement.
  3. Documentation of maintenance. It’s very important to have documentation of each time you have maintenance on your units. This will allow you to keep valid warranties and provide proof of the condition of your systems if you’re selling your home. If you’re part of a maintenance agreement, the contractor will keep all of the records for you.
  4. Prolonged life of your units. If you take care of your units by taking advantage of a maintenance agreement, you could extend the lives of your furnace and air conditioner by up to 50 percent.
  5. Discounted prices. Although maintenance agreements cost a monthly fee, you’ll make that money back on all kinds of savings from future costs on parts and labor.
  6. To learn about the specific advantages of Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning’s planned maintenance agreement for St. Louis area heating and cooling systems, contact us today!

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