You know the snow is about to hit when a few leaves are barely clinging to bare branches and most of them have since fallen, crumpled, and blown into the neighbor’s yard (really, they did just naturally blow over there!). There’s even a distinct smell of winter air, most noticeable when the seasons begin to change. When this time of year comes (usually around October in the St. Louis metro area) you need to pay close attention to parts of your home that may be affected by the coming weather.

Winterizing is essential to keeping your home comfortable, safe, and manageable while preventing costly repairs and uninhabitable situations. Here is the Jerry Kelly Heating and Cooling survival guide to winterizing your home:

  1. Has your furnace been inspected? This is the first thing you should do if you want to ensure your family’s comfort and safety. While you may believe that a heating and cooling company stating a furnace inspection as a top priority is subjective, just google “winterizing your home” and you’ll see that keeping your furnace clean is on every list!
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