Were you aware that the air in your home could contain many times more dust and debris than that of the air outside? Not in the total amount of course. But it is many, many times more concentrated into a relatively small space. Have you ever thought about what this dust could be doing to your HVAC system? The experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning have!

The certified specialists atJerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning have been providing superior quality home HVAC maintenance for decades, and if there’s anything we know best; it’s how to keep your system performing at its best! Dust from out St. Charles air could be choking up your system, but how do you control it? Answers to this and more, coming up…

What you Need to Know About Dust and Your HVAC System

Wondering if dust could be doing your system harm? It can! Accumulated dust and debris is one of the leading causes of reduced efficiency, and can even make cause professional repair if left to build up for too long. It also has a demonstrable impact on the air quality in your home, exacerbating allergy problems and overall making it a bit hard to breathe.

How Do I Reduce Dust in My HVAC System?

The good news is that there are lots of ways to reduce the dust in your home, and by extension, in your HVAC system:

  • Keep a clean home. We’re not telling anyone how to do their “thing”, but it’s just a fact that a cleaner home is less likely to wind up with excessive dust in your furnace and AC unit. We would recommend dusting the home’s furniture at least weekly to optimize your anti-dust habits.
  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning. No matter how hard we clean, there will always be dust in the carpets, drapes, and fabrics of our homes. Vacuum frequently and schedule carpet cleaning every few months for the best results.
  • Change your filter often. During peak months of use (those in summer and winter), your filter must be changed frequently. Monthly is best but never go more than two months without replacing your filter. It’s responsible for not only improving air quality but making sure all of that debris doesn’t end up in your HVAC system, too!

Wondering if there’s anything else you can do? There is. And it’s a very important one!

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenace

As part of a professional maintenance visit, the specialists in charge of the project will clean and clear all components in your system. This is hugely important because cleaning done by the homeowner is only going to do so much. Dust will absolutely wind up in your system, and it will drastically drop efficiency, can create foul odors, and can eventually lead to poor airflow and HVAC breakdowns. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your system, there is nothing more important than professional maintenance!

Ready to banish dust and debris from your heating and cooling systems? Breathe better air and get higher efficiency from your system by scheduling HVAC maintenance with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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