Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning Named One of St. Louis’ Top Places to Work

We at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning are thrilled to announce we were added to the Top Workplaces 2017 list! We are proud to join this list, curated by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, as we are in good company with 120 area employers ranging from small businesses to some of the region’s largest and most powerful corporations.

This honor means so much to our company, as we have always strived to not only offer unbelievable customer service to our clients but also to make our work environment as inviting and inspiring as possible for all of our incredible employees. Our honor code highlights providing an environment where everyone can succeed and each employee is treated with kindness and respect.

The qualities required of the businesses and companies selected to the Top Workplaces for 2017 include but are not limited to:

  • Effective leadership
  • Strong values
  • Clear direction
  • Motivated workers
  • Extensive employee research
  • Health factors
  • Alignment
  • Values and cooperation
  • Appreciation
  • Employee engagement & referral

We don’t think of our employees as anything other than a team, because we truly respect and admire them for the hard work that they do, day in and day out. Since 1977, we have been prioritizing customer satisfaction, which cannot be achieved without happy, healthy workers. At Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, we are eternally grateful to our dedicated, friendly, and hardworking employees. We feel sincere pride at being selected to this prestigious list, as it only cements what we’ve always known–we put people first, every time.

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