Des Peres Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning in Des Peres, MO are what Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in! Our woman-owned HVAC company was founded in 1977 and is dedicated to helping others. We offer guarantees to give you peace of mind and stand behind our work.

As an experienced HVAC contractor, we install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling systems. Call on us any time to use our fast service. We promise 100% customer satisfaction!

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Des Peres

When your heating system needs repair or air conditioning system needs repair, please call Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning. Whether your system is rattling, short cycling, or smelling weird, we can help. We can diagnose and fix all issues, from clogged filters to electrical faults. The sooner you call us, the lower the risk of further damage occurring to your system, so reach out today!

Contact a trusted HVAC contractor if you notice any of the following problems with your HVAC system:

  • Declining heating or cooling performance
  • Short cycling
  • Unexplained rise in energy bills
  • Strange sounds or smells
  • Poor indoor air quality