That’s right! If you purchase new HVAC equipment between 11/1/16 and 12/11/16 and it snows two inches on Christmas Day, then your purchase is free. “Let It Snow” is right! If you weren’t already feeling the holiday spirit, we hope you are now. That’s just the Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning team’s way of giving back to our neighbors in St. Charles and surrounding communities, and saying thanks for choosing us for your HVAC replacement and installation services this year.

You must be a legal resident of Missouri and 18 years or older to participate. To qualify, you just have to purchase a qualifying piece of equipment from Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning before December 11.

Reasons You Should Consider Replacing Your HVAC System

There are plenty of reasons to consider replacing your old HVAC system with a newer, more energy-efficient unit this winter. Consider the following factors as you work to determine whether it’s time to replace your old unit.

  • How old is your system? If it’s more than 15 years old, it may be time to consider installing a new unit in its place.
  • How high are your energy bills? If they’ve been going up, but your energy usage has stayed the same, then a new unit might be the right move for you.
  • Is the heating even throughout your home? You may want to consider a new unit if you’re experiencing hot or cool spots, i.e. uneven heating, throughout your home.
  • Does your system seem to require more repairs than usual? Although units may require repair once in a while, if your system is requiring frequent repairs, it may be a better decision financially to simply replace it altogether.
  • Is your home getting warm enough? Sounds like a no-brainer, but if your system is no longer keeping your home warm enough as the cold winter weather rolls in, it’s time to get a new-and-improved unit!

If you’re still not sure whether it’s time to replace your HVAC system, give our team a call or contact us online now! We’ll help you determine whether replacement is the right choice for you, and if so, we’ll take care of the replacement so you can stay warm and toasty all year long.

Remember, if you replace your unit between now and December 11, 2016, you could get the replacement free if it snows two or more inches on Christmas. Good luck, everyone! Feel free to reach out with any questions, and we hope you have a very happy holiday season with your friends and family.

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