When it comes to heating and cooling your home, there is probably nothing worse than experiencing a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter. Freezing outdoor temperatures can make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning even with a furnace to keep you warm! We want to do everything we can to help you avoid a system breakdown this winter, which is why we provided you with the three prevention tips below.

Top 3 ways to avoid a furnace breakdown this winter

  1. Only work with a high-quality contractor. The importance of working with a good Heating and Air Conditioning contractor cannot be understated. When you don’t hire a business with well-trained, NATE-certified technicians, you’re at risk for a host of problems that start with an improper system installation and continue every time your unit is worked on. You can avoid unnecessary furnace breakdowns from poor installations and improper care by being highly selective when you choose a Heating and Cooling contractor.
  2. Keep up with your filter changes. Changing and/or cleaning your air filter is the number one maintenance task you can do on your own to prevent a furnace breakdown this winter. That’s because a dirty air filter restricts airflow to your furnace and causes it to work harder than it needs to, eventually leading to a system breakdown. Changing your filter is especially important during the coldest months of the year when your furnace is running nearly all the time and particles build up quickly.
  3. Get furnace maintenance every year. The most common reason for a furnace breakdown is lack of maintenance and cleaning. If you want to ensure that your furnace is ready for winter every year, the best thing you can do is have it checked, serviced, and cleaned by a professional like Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning. Not only is annual maintenance great at preventing furnace breakdowns, but it also ensures that your system is running as safe and efficient as possible.
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