We weren’t kidding when we said we’ve seen squirrels stuck in the furnace filter. We even found another bugger! The photo has been posted in the paragraph below.
We’re ending the rainy season and that means one thing: summertime. Of course, everyone relishes the coming of summer. The sunshine, laying out at the pool, barbecues… it’s arguably one of the best times to be a Missourian! But at the end of the night, if your air conditioning isn’t working, it can make even your silk sheets feel like a heat blanket. What can you do to avoid these sleepless nights? Preventative maintenance! Here are a couple of things that we (as experts) know are common seasonal fixes:

Get that pottery off the outside air conditioner! People have often “decorated” their outdoor unit because it may look like an eyesore in the yard. That’s fine if you don’t mind sweating all day and night. When you have plants or other objects around or on top of the outside A/C unit, it restricts the airflow and creates a bottleneck for the unit. Wind can also blow debris up against it; you may not know there’s half a cardboard box stuck to the side of it for several days. Check it regularly to keep the air moving and your utility bill down.

“Ay, ma, der’s a squirrel in the furnace filter. What should ah do wit ’em?” Okay, so if you have squirrels in your system, a dirty filter may be the least of your troubles. But don’t forget to change your furnace filter once a month. The majority of repair calls we receive are usually associated with a dirty filter. Not only will dirty filters restrict airflow, but they will also allow dirt to get into the equipment. This could cause excessive wear and tear and eventually lead to a failing system, aka lots of repair bills.

“Well it was fine the last time I used it… seven months ago.” Have your system inspected and tuned every spring before you turn it on for the first time. Some parts may have gotten dirty, rusted, corroded, or could have even broken over the past months. It’s simply a good method of maximizing the life of your heating and cooling system.

Awaken the beast slowly. It may not recognize you. Get in the routine of running your air conditioner when it starts to get warm. Don’t wait until the mercury rises to 98 degrees. If you do, the system may fail and you could find yourself cuddled up with a fan. Just think of your A/C like a pet grizzly bear: it’s been sleeping for months and you’re waking it from a long slumber. It may be disoriented and confused; might even have a heart attack and fail on you if it’s old enough. If it doesn’t wake up right away, don’t try to play with it. It could freak out and you may wind up seriously injured. Just call a professional to gently awaken the beast. Okay, I digress, but do not wait until the first heatwave to use your system, and never should you try to fix it yourself unless you’re an HVAC professional.

I bet you’re ready to get that tune-up on the books right now, aren’t you?! If you are, call 636-946-4313 to schedule a tune-up and ask about our Planned Service Agreement – we fan you with palm leaves and feed you grapes for a year! Don’t forget, we now service West County, Chesterfield, and pretty much anywhere west of Lindbergh!

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