Ringing in the new year often comes accompanied by the usual resolutions. Eat better, make more money, have personal goals, and the like. But what about resolving to save money and improve the energy efficiency of your St. Charles home? It helps your other resolutions in multiple aspects, by reducing your costs, and improving your quality of life!

Revolutionary Resolution: Improving Home Efficiency in Missouri

Regarding energy efficiency, there are loads of ways to improve it. Nearly every home-related industry has set its guns on increased efficiency and reduced costs to keep up with the increasing needs of our modern homes. These resolutions are some of our favorites!

  • Swap to LED lighting. LED lighting uses less than ten percent of the wattage of a standard incandescent bulb. If you’re not sure of what that means, equate it to paying ten times less to operate a bulb. That’s huge! Yes, LED bulbs are more expensive, but you’ll make that back and then some within the first year alone.
  • Maintain your heating and cooling systems. Every HVAC contractor worth their salt will tell you that maintenance is hands down one of the most important things for your system. It reduces the risk of repair and increases performance. That second part is the important one here: a properly maintained system operates multiple times more efficiently than one that isn’t.
  • Consider updating or replacing your heating and cooling system. If your unit exceeds ten years of age, we can give you a few reasons to consider a furnace replacement. One, older units begin to deteriorate over time, reducing their efficiency dramatically. Two, the heating and cooling industry moves fast. That means new methods of improving home efficiency come out practically yearly, making a new system particularly appealing.
  • Stop appliance leeching. have you ever heard that a plugged in appliance continues to utilize electricity even when off? It’s entirely true. This is particularly troublesome with chargers, televisions (plasma flat screens being the worst of them) and kitchen appliances. Sure, they don’t use much power. But think of that tiny bit of power over the course of the year. It adds up!
  • Improve air quality. Air that is rife with dust, pollutants and heavy particles have to be filtered out by your furnace or air conditioner when it’s operating. This can have a huge impact on its ability to do it’s job, increasing the energy it uses to control the temperature of your home. Poor air quality can also lead to increased repair issues, and short filter lifespans.

Increase Home Efficiency with Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning

When it comes to providing your St. Charles home with the very best in service, skill and technology, the experts at Jerry Kelly can always provide! We’re proud to bring our patrons exactly what they need, when they need it most. Contact us today to learn more about how to improve the efficiency of your home, or to set an appointment for one of our many services!

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