With spring on the wind-up, it’s time to give your trusty furnace a well-deserved rest. But before you put your heating system into hibernation, there are a few basic furnace maintenance items we would urge you to take care of. Don’t worry, it’s all fairly simple, and can save you stress, repair costs, and money in the long run!

The experts at Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning have compiled a quick, easy checklist that will cover all of your bases. This will keep your furnace healthier and increase its efficiency and lifespan in the future.

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Post-Season Furnace Maintenace Checklist

You may think that a furnace at rest can’t get up into much trouble, right? Well, it’s not likely to wear out, no, but plenty of homeowners have encountered furnace breakdowns that occurred while the furnace was not in operation! Post-season maintenance is geared toward ensuring that all components, moving parts, and blower systems are ready to take on next year without a hiccup!

Before you begin, it is extremely important that you cut off power to your heating system. When working around major electrical appliances, it is a huge risk to your health to leave them powered on! If you use a gas furnace, shut off the gas; if an electrical system, flip the breaker to the off position.

Follow these steps before shutting down your furnace:

  • Perform a basic inspection. Nothing technical, we just urge you to check for visible signs of damage. Note any cracks, dents, loose connections, or debris you come across along the ductwork or the exterior of your furnace. if there is damage to your furnace’s exterior, get it repaired now, before the condition worsens.
  • Change the filter. Remove your tired old filter and replace it. This ensures, that you don’t forget to do so next fall/winter. And two, it ensures that no dust or debris begins to settle into your system throughout the spring and summer. A coat of dust is a fire hazard, and can noticeably reduce the efficiency of your system!
  • Clean your system. Did you find deposits of dirt, dust, or junk while doing your visual inspection? If so, take care of those now. For pretty much the same reasons as changing the filter. It reduces the risk of fire, and saves your system from caked-on deposits when you need it next.
  • If applicable, cut off the pilot. Unless your pilot light is needed to heat water, shut it off. While only in minute amounts, the flame will continue to burn fuel and cost you the money you don’t need to be spending.

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Beyond the checklist we’ve detailed, we would urge you to seek professional HVAC maintenance at a minimum of yearly. Twice a year is a better choice, as it coincides with your HVAC needs. Professional maintenance can reduce (or even remove) the need for costly furnace repair, and will drastically improve the lifespan of your system.

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