We all know that ceiling fans can be used to feel more comfortable and save energy at home during summer. But what some homeowners don’t know is that you can use your ceiling fans for similar benefits during the winter months – all you have to do is change the direction that they rotate.

What happens when you change the direction of a ceiling fan?

As you’ve probably heard before, warm air rises. This isn’t very helpful when your home is heating because warm air moves toward the ceiling instead of near the floor where people occupy a room. Changing the direction of your ceiling fan during winter is a great way to counteract this effect.

When a ceiling fan runs in reverse, it forces the warm air that has pooled up near the ceiling to move against the walls and down toward the floor. As the fan continues to rotate, the warm air is then sucked back up toward the fan in the center of the room and repeats the cycle.

How do you change the direction of a ceiling fan?

Most fans have a switch located directly on the motor housing that you can flip to change what direction the blades rotate. After you flip that switch, you can turn your fan on at a low level to feel the effects.

It’s important to note that using your ceiling fans during the winter is only beneficial when someone is in the room. Be sure to turn the fan off when you’re leaving the room to conserve energy.

What are the benefits of changing the direction of your ceiling fans during winter?

There are two main benefits of running your ceiling fan in reverse during winter. First, it allows a room to heat more evenly. This makes you feel more comfortable in your home, even if you’re sitting directly under the fan (the reverse direction of the fan does not produce a draft).

The second main benefit of reversing your ceiling fans is that it can save you energy. Running your ceiling fans in reverse will make you feel warmer, which allows you to lower your thermostat temperature by 3-5 degrees and cut back on the amount of energy your furnace consumes.

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