Chesterfield Furnace Repair

Local residents know they can rely on Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning whenever they need furnace repair in Chesterfield, MO. Our furnace services are the best in the local area. If your home is too cold, your heating system isn’t working properly, or your furnace is too noisy, please call an HVAC specialist. In Chesterfield, we are the go-to heater repair service.

Trusted Furnace Repair in Chesterfield

There are numerous indicators that your furnace needs repair. Putting your palm in front of the vents may reveal weak or under-heated air flow. Experiencing a spike in energy costs as your furnace fails to function is also a possibility. If you notice these signs, you should call a professional furnace service right away.

Be aware of clanking or banging noises when your furnace is active. There may also be an unpleasant smell. Get in touch with us right away if your furnace is giving off a foul odor, such as the smell of natural gas. Gas leaks can be exceedingly dangerous since they can start fires if they are not repaired quickly. Burning smells should also be dealt with quickly as they could indicate an electrical fault.

Here are some signs that your furnace may require servicing. Please get in touch if you notice any of the following issues with your heating system:
  • A dramatic rise in utility costs
  • Sounds and odors
  • Air flow weak or feels cool
  • Insufficient heating
  • Problems lighting the furnace